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Christina Rose De Mer - Peeling Soap 30ml / 1oz - Default Title

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Peeling Soap uses natural exfoliating agents including millions of miniature coral silicates to lighten and renew skin. The silicates penetrate the cells to deliver minerals and nutrients, which cause the epidermal cells to separate from the lower dermal layer. This innovative formula opens comedones, balances sebum secretion and removes dead cells to treat acne, hyperpigmentation and ageing skin. Peeling Soap can be used to help assess skin sensitivity and receptiveness prior the Rose de Mer treatment.


Soften soap prior to use by leaving it in lukewarm water for several minutes. Lather soap into fingertips and massage into treated skin areas for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off well.

NOTE: This soap may only be used prior to an in- salon peeling treatment, or at least 10 days after the peeling process is completed – including the post-peel skin flaking. Use of this soap may cause minor, temporary stinging sensations or redness.

Series name:ROSE DE MER

Size30ml / 1oz