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Gel Mask - 4 pcs

Activator - 120ml

GIGI Laboratories continue to create and develop professional treatments with visible results immediately after treatment. This summer, we introduce innovative facial care - Carboxy Therapy

A little about the carbuse system is considered one of the most effective and safe treatments in the field of modern aesthetic aesthetics. Like many of these treatments, he has also come from the field of medicine, in which injections are used to treat various symptoms such as diabetes, or psoriasis. 

The carboxic method uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to create processes of arousal, strengthening and firming of facial features, cellulite treatment, prevention of stretch marks or the acceleration of healing of scars caused by various causes.

oxygen is an essential component of our skin; It increases cellular metabolism, re-forms tissues, improves blood flow and helps the immune system. Lack of oxygen leads to lack of energy in the cells, aging process of skin cells becomes faster, skin loses elasticity and strength, and gets a faded and sagging appearance.

The use of carbon dioxide stimulates blood circulation, aids tissue regeneration, drains toxins and breaks down persistent fat cells.

How it works

The principle of carboxy treatment focuses on the therapeutic effect of carbon dioxide on the facial skin. Carboxy is an effective method for a variety of anti-aging treatments - it strengthens collagen and elastin fibers and stimulates their synthesis due to improved flow of blood circulation. It is also effective for treating post-acne, cellulite, stretch marks, dark circles around the eyes and uniformity of skin tone. The treatment is performed by professional gynecologists at GIGI Laboratories and is performed by a non-invasive method called "Carboxy", and treats the absorption of high concentrations of CO2 into the skin using active gel and solution. Carboxy can be combined with most cosmetic treatments. The treatment duration is 60 minutes, and can be done as a single treatment, or in a series of 4-8 treatments, depending on the diagnosis and skin condition, each treatment once a week. 
The Carboxy is recommended for everyone!

What will happen at the end of treatment
The cosmetic effects of treatment are varied. These are some of them: smoothing wrinkles and wrinkles; Improving skin structure and quality; Rehabilitation of the skin's immune system; Anti-inflammatory treatment (acne, rositis); Reducing swelling and strengthening the delicate skin around the eyes; Clarification and improvement of skin tone; Treatment and prevention of post acne scars; Renewal of skin structure and restoration of skin's natural moisture; Skin restoration due to exposure to sun and winter cosmetic treatments; Preventing skin fatigue and fatigue; Improve skin texture quality.