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Magiray Professional Clean Scrub 75ml / 2.5oz - Default Title

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Scrub for deep cleansing oily and porous skin. Scrub contains a proprietary complex Sepicontrol based cinnamon bark and complex amino acids, which reduces the oiliness of the skin, relieves inflammation, inhibits harmful bacteria. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect scrub enhances mimosa bark extract. The formulation also includes time-tested tools for correcting the problems of oily skin - organic sulfur, salicylic acid, chamomile extract. The scrub action provide soft nylon particles that remove dead cells from the skin without damaging or irritating it . How to use: Apply the scrub all over the face with a thick layer, massage the skin, paying particular attention to the T-zone, scrub and rinse with warm water. As the pre-mask must leave the skin scrub for 10-20 minutes and then massaging the rinse