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Renew Masks - Calming Fresh Mask For Dry Skin  250ml / 8.5oz - Default Title

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Mask soothes irritation, redness and peeling, pleasantly soothes and softens the skin after peeling, sunburn, cold, eliminates signs of fatigue, has a relaxing and anti-stress effect, refreshes and leaves skin soft and radiant. The use of masks increases the protective function of the skin, moisturizes and restores the mechanical and barrier properties of the skin. 


Apply the mask on a perfectly clean face with a uniform layer and leave for 15-20 minutes. Do not soak up the remnants of the mask rinse with warm water.


White lily extract extract of white lily is known for its wound-healing properties with boils, skin diseases and others. Skin lesions. Pomegranate extract - pomegranate extract is rich in antioxidants, contains significant amounts of vitamin C, citric acid, mineral salts. Olive extract - olive leaf extract has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, tonic, antioxidant action, is a natural UV filter.