Renew Golden Age - Moisturizing Mask 250ml / 8.5oz - JOSEPH BEAUTY

Renew Golden Age - Moisturizing Mask 250ml / 8.5oz - Default Title

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A unique mask which contends important and high quality ingredients - giving the skin continues moistness and a smooth velvety look. The mask helps to trap the moist within the skin and prevents the drying of the skin effectively. The active ingredients help the casting and the elasticity of the skin. The mask is suitable for all kinds of skin, reducing the stretches and fatigue and gives a fresh and glowing look to the skin.


Apply mask on the face, under eye area and on the neck. Leave for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water or gently massage remaining mask into the skin.


Chitosan Hamamelis extract Ruscus extract Licorice extract Uva Ursi extract.