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Renew Peelings - Glycolact Gel Peelings 250ml / 8.5oz - Default Title

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The product is designed for deep and effective cleaning of skin, removing dead skin cells with a high content of pigment, reduce melanin synthesis, activation of skin renewal, intensive moisturizing. Effective for various cosmetic procedures. Effectively removes the top layer of the epidermis, consisting of dead cells. Loosens the lower, younger layer of the epidermis and enhances its growth and renewal. Reduces the formation of melanin. Moisturizes the skin.


It is recommended that the application of the product twice: first on the entire face for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water, then locally on spots, stand 5-7 minutes and rinse with water.


Glycolic Acid - Glycolic Acid Distilled water - Water Kojic acid - Kojic Acid Xanthan Gum - Xantan Gum Citric Acid - Citric Acid Mandelic Acid - Mandelic Acid Lactic Acid - Lactic Acid Salicylic acid - Salicylic Acid Bearberry extract - Bearberry extract extract sage - Sage -Salvia Officinalis-extract extract mulberry - Morus alba extract