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Dr. Kadir Deep Restore - Active Eye Serum 30ml / 1oz - Default Title

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The Serum has a special rich and pleasant texture. It contains a special quinoa extract (Adipoless) which demonstrated (in clinical studies) a significant reduction of dark circles under the eyes. It was found that this extract protects the capillaries against environmental aggression. The Serum contains also magnolia bark extract (MAXnolia). Magnolia is a medicinal plant which belongs to the China pharmacopeia. Magnolia bark contains 2 anti-inflammatory substances (magnolol and honokiol) having a synergistic anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting NF-ĸB activation  (a protein complex which plays a key role in regulating the immune response to infection). Inflammation is now recognized as one of the key factors for skin aging. Chronic inflammation contributes to the aging process mainly because of free radicals. Magnolia extract protects the skin against chronic inflammation, neutralizes internal aging factors and reduces skin redness. Furthermore, the Serum contains Low Molecular weight hyaluronic acid, a new generation of active ingredients  which helps the skin to maintain an optimal hydration level and enhances the firmness of the skin.