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Magiray Professional Clarity Peel Aha Foam 150ml / 5oz - Default Title

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Magiray - Clarity Peel AHA Foam - Stimulating foam for cleansing and exfoliation of all skin types. Does not contain SAS, SLeS and parabens. Penka contains a combination of three acids - glycolic, phytic and dairy. Acting together, these acids gently exfoliate worn out horny scales, eliminating the heterogeneity of the stratum corneum, preparing the skin for the perception of subsequent preparations, while at the same time stimulating the skin enzymes responsible for the natural renewal process and restoring the acid balance of the skin.
Foam can be used before any procedures, but it is especially recommended for skin cleansing before acid peels, ensuring a uniform penetration of acids into the skin, and also to improve the skin's susceptibility to active preparations
Contains 10-12% ANA at pH 3.5-3.7