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Renew Dermo Control - Dermo Control Mask 250ml / 8.5oz - Default Title

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This mask is for the unique treatment of oily and problematic skin having excess fat secretion, particularly effective in acne for young. The mask contains a combination of herbal extracts having cleansing properties and ingredients like: Zinc, clay and sulfur which regulates sebum secretion levels. The mask has effective antibacterial properties which helps the cleansing of pores, elimination of acne and pimples and reducing redness of the skin. It calms the irritation, sterilize the oily skin and is specially efficient for treatment of regular acne and teenage acne.


After cleansing apply mask over entire face avoiding eye area. Leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with slightly warm water.


Kaolin Zinc oxide Saponaria extract Sulphur Geranium oil Sage extract Triclosan Montmorilonite Camphor