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Renew - Extra Moisturizer 50ml / 1.7oz - Default Title

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The cream rehabilitates the damaged epidermal layer and serves as a cover preventing the evaporation of moisture and drying of the skin as a result. The cream slows down the aging process and restores the skin’s protective qualities. Using the cream helps to treat dry skin, especially in cold and windy conditions, and prevents cracking. The urea and lactic acid serve as alternative moisture absorbers. These are hygroscopic elements which are maximally homologous (similar) to our skin, which are present in natural moisturizing cream. The hyaluronic acid does not only absorb the moisture and prevent evaporation, but also creates a thin film on the skin which prevents moisture loss from deeper layers of the skin. The moist environment created due to the hyaluronic acid stimulates the skin cells’ renewing process and assists in the healing of blemishes. Dimethicone assists in creating the protective film and prevents the evaporation of water, which remains longer in the stratum corneum. Allantoin is a natural substance which nourishes the skin with moisture and softens it.


Apply the cream to clean and dry skin every morning and/or evening.


Sodium lactate Sodium hyaluronate Allantoin